Oxon Woodturners


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An apple made from spalted beech wood by Gary Rance (club patron). Gary sells apples (among other fineries) from his Etsy page
Watch-stands made by John Temple (left) and Mark Holloway (right)
Apple making at a hands-on clubnight (February 2022)
Cherries and strawberry by Dave Rolstone
Spalted beech pot, made by Dave Rolstone
Lighthouse made from a mix of woods, by Mark Holloway
Pots made from a mix of woods by Dave Rolstone
Vases by Dave Rolstone
Blue-tit by Mark Holloway
Floating bowls by Mark Holloway
Bowl by Chris Hallsworth
Cheese knives, by Ace North
Beech-wood paperweight, with flower made from pistachio nuts filled with coloured resin, with clear resin turned and polished, by Tony Seeney
A nest of eggs made by Chris Hallsworth
A lightning plate made by Mark Holloway
Spalted beech bowl by Chris Hallsworth
A 'dinosaur egg' made by Ace North
Yew goblets
A bowl of fruit made by Dave Rolstone ('not more bloody fruit!')
A bunch of grapes by Dave Rolstone
Salt, pepper and spinning tops by Dan Finnemore
Textured bowls by Joanne Gordon
Tulip by Tony Seeney
Laval light with spalted beech base, by Tony Seeney
Bowl made from Elm burl, cracks filled with with Milliput, by Mark Holloway
Bowl from Chinese Juniper wood by Mark Holloway
Yew bowl turned on end grain by Andy Cranidge
Off-centre resin bowl by Tony Seeney
Goblet by John Temple
Bowl with resin by Tony Seeney